SNAP BACK, then Flash Forward!

Snap the past back into the present where Circa will show you yesterday's reality through your lens of today.

Circa changes the way you take photos on your smartphone. Now you can own history with your photos in Circa app! Still photography is still the best way to capture a moment in time and Circa reveals our history just as it happened!

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Been there, snapped that! Now get the big picture with CircaApp!

Today we're all smartphone photographers and obsessed with snapping everything in sight. Circa allows you to up the ante, shift your paradigm of time and travel backwards on your smartphone by blending what was into what is!

Boast the Ghost

It's called ghosting and it sounds spooky because it is! This photography phenomenon allows you to uncover lost photos, jump into the scene and snap a shot as it was then. Circa challenges other users to go to locations and uncover everyone's ghosts when they get there. Soon you can 'ghost' any digital image into perspective with reality so your ghosted image looks like it was supposed (and superimposed) to be there – forever! Creating History! The possibilities are endless!

Lens get going!

Time travel as you snap stills! Circa shows you what you've missed from the past and lets you get interactive by returning photos to their origin. It's like photography in reverse! Circa App provides navigation for walkers and cyclists with visual cues to forgotten images while seeing them in their original perspective! So get out there and start snapping with our rapidly growing photo archive. It starts in the L.A.'s coastal cities. So take your photographic eye to new heights with Circa App! It's history in the making and yours for the re-taking.


About Us

Circa Mobile LLC 's unique mobile platform is a disruptive photo-sharing network that takes photography to the next frontier. It allows users to interact with images in ways not otherwise possible, creating physical locations and specific experiences. It delivers a reality-backwards experience, powered organically by today's social networks. It is the next exciting chapter in our evolving, visually-based mobile world that delivers the next foundation for the internet's continual evolution.

Mark Skarulis

Flash features of Circa

We're creating an app that will revolutionize the way you perceive images.

Visit old and new

Get a unique look into your surroundings, even if you are a day or lifetime too late!

Relive moments and share

See an iconic moment nearby, jump on in, resnap the photo and share!

Recall new memories

See things not previously known and keep the memories for yourself.

Earn badges & discounts and more

As you uncover paths left before your time, you can unlock promotions and savings at local retailers!

Keep photo archives alive!

Make new photo archives or add to existing ones with Circa App

Keep a log

Circa App keeps a log so you can share your new memories.

Circa works on iPhone, and soon the iPad and iPod

Psst….Circa is coming soon to Android!

Toast the ghost...

With all your ghosted images! Only your smartphone + Circa can see ghosted images.

Tour Circa

Keep reality in perspective with the Circa Viewer! Walk around your city and view ghosted images however you see fit

Get snappy with Circa

Snap back, flash forward, play and repeat and you'll see!

Make history as you take it

Take photos, and then take some more, as you take and make history using your smartphone!

Pictures with purpose

Get out of here! Yes really - get out there and start snapping photos of historical places with a purpose of preserving and making history through smartphone photography.

Circa Challenge

Circa challenges you to go to the places in our archive and get rewards!

Snap & Share!

Take photos and upload them on social media as you take them. Share with friends wherever you are - wherever they are!

Circa Travels

Schools, Museums, and local area photographers all use Circa. We're starting in L.A. and moving across the US – and then going global!! We're not stopping until all of your Images return home to their origin and are placed on a permanent digital mantel in real time so everyone can see the moment of their capture.



Don't take our word for it:

  • "Watch out!"

    Abraham Lincoln

  • "Far Out!"

    Neil Armstrong

  • "It's magic…but reappearing!"

    Harry Houdini

  • "Cool!"

    Ernest Shackleton

  • "Damn!"

    William Mulholland

  • "Nuts!"

    The Planters Guy


Launch June 2013

  • New Android: Aug 2013
  • New Video: October 2013



April 12th, 2012

Circa is the evolution of images. 2.5 billion photos are uploaded to Facebook every month. Is meaningful photography getting lost in a mess of mundane portraits and filtered pictures of food? We can be more creative with our images! Circa restores emotion so you not only see photos, but so you feel the moment as if you were there!

With our patent-pending technology, you can paste images onto reality for other people to experience that moment as it truly occurred. We call this ghosting. A skateboarder can ghost a photo performing a trick. Architects can ghost future plans, so the public can witness their vision in context. Graffiti artists can digitally tag walls without destroying physical property. Anyone can ghost artwork, virtual signage, or even create their own augmented reality tour using photographs of days past. Ghost your favorite images using your iPad and iPhone.

Circa provides a new way to explore documentary 'on location' where history occurred. Everyone using the app will connect with history in an entirely new way. Historical photos can be viewed in context. Anyone with an iOS device will soon be able to witness and recall experiences first hand. Circa Mobile LLC is excited to be working with local Historical Societies in Los Angeles to return archived photos to their origin. Participating organizations include The Los Angeles Public Library, Redondo Beach Historical Museum, Hermosa Beach Historical Society, Manhattan Beach Historical Society, Redondo Beach ELKS, USC Digital Library and local photographer Robi Hutas. Using Circa App we will ghost over 300 historical photographs along the coast to be launched later this year.

Over the next month, we invite the public to donate to the project on Kickstarter so that we can bring the Circa App to the App Store in late 2012. Circa Mobile LLC has partnered with Regard Inc. to develop the Circa App Prototype using the Metaio Mobile SDK. We can currently ghost photos and view them in scale at any location. However, we need to refine the app to release it for millions of users. When readers fund the project on Kickstarter, they can be the first group to beta test the app on iOS Devices before we release it on the App Store later this year.

For more information, visit our website

Press packet including photos and video is available at


  • Web Quality Circa App Image Pack

    Collection of images designed to make integration into other websites quick and easy for bloggers and online reporters.


  • Official Circa App Logos

    Circa and Ghosting Logo. The ghosting logo will appear at participating locations where anyone can view a ghosted image with their iPhone or iPad. Image Credit: Circa App


  • Print Quality Demo Photos of the Circa App

    Photographs of the founder Mark Skarulis demonstrating the Circa App. Historical photos from the early 20th century are ghosted at the location they were originally taken. Historical photos provided by Redondo Beach ELKS. Photography Credit: Circa App


  • Circa App Kickstarter Video

    Video originally broadcasted on includes a description of "ghosting", an overview of the creative project in Los Angeles, and an introduction to the overall vision of the Circa App. Features brief interviews with the founders Mark Skarulis and Curtis Baumgartner and demos of the prototype in action. Video Credit: Circa App



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Can I add my own photos to Circa's archive?

Sure you can! Just send us an email with some info about yourself and the photos you want to contribute and we'll add you to the beta! The more you have the better the beta!

Will Circa be adding more locations?

We sure will! We've started with L.A. and the next pin on the map is going to be San Francisco to Boston, Chicago, New York, Washington DC before goin' down south to Dallas. If you'd like us to add your hometown or campus just let us know!

When will Circa work on Android?

Currently Circa works on iPhones but will be coming to Android soon. Watch this space!

How can I connect with Circa?

Find us on Twitter and Facebook and be sure to share Circa with your friends! Stay current on local news and which cities, schools and museums we'll be coming to next and we'd sure appreciate you spreading the word to any local area photographers too!